Vision & Values

Our Vision

We empower everyday Americans who are inspired to run for office with tools such as bios, flyers, websites, social media posts and plans, plus the coaching candidates will need to get their messages out to voters.

By supporting local democratic candidates, we:

Remove barriers for people who care about their communities and want to create change but may lack the tools to run for office.

Show people all over the country that you don’t need to be a fancy politician to run for office and ultimately inspire more democratic candidates to run.

Inspire non-voters to vote, not just for their friend or neighbor, but for the entire blue up-ticket. (We know that when a beloved neighbor or teacher is on the ballot, people who don’t usually vote will go to the polls to vote for someone they know and trust.)

Empower people with democratic values to take action at the community level, state by state, effectively establishing a blue foundation from which to build a democratic political ecosystem nationwide.

We Believe...

• every human is equal and deserves equal rights.

healthcare is a human right.

mental healthcare is a human right.

in women’s reproductive rights.

in common sense gun laws.

in social justice reform.

in dismantling the school to prison pipeline.

that every American deserves a quality K-12 public education.

in equal pay for equal work.

climate change is a global crisis.

in science, facts, and leaders who communicate the truth.

in freedom of speech and unbiased media.

in peaceful protest.

in people over corporations.

every human deserves access to affordable housing.

every human deserves clean water and clean air.

every American deserves easy access to vote.

in free and fair elections.

everyday Americans should feel supported and encouraged to participate in our government at every level.